1 Cipit 1,496
2 Harry 1,471
3 SeeYouAgain 1,214
4 ExtraOrdinary 1,190
5 AllenWalker 635


Downloading MalaysiaRO is as easy as getting our Full Installer. Download everything you need all in one file. Playing a Ragnarok Online server for free has never been easier!

Full Installer

This installer contains all the Ragnarok Online files you need to play the game. If you have never played MalaysiaRO, or if you're getting errors with the Mini Installer, this is your best option.

Mini Installer

In case you have an older copy of MalaysiaRO or a different Ragnarok Online client installed, you will only need to download the Mini Installer. This version contains many of our latest updates.

Once you have downloaded the Mini Installer, extract it in your desired folder and let it finish. Be certain to overwrite everything. Afterward, be sure to run all patcher services to ensure you have the latest files.

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